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Micro Services Help Big Business
Low Cost
No threshold, basic cross-border e-commerce operation functions are permanently free to use (product management, order management, quick delivery, etc.)
High Efficiency
Smart publishing, unlimited daily publishing, one person can do the work of 5 people, a month's worth of work a day.
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Realize services such as store opening, product selection, shelving, ordering, logistics, customer service, procurement, and data analysis for e-commerce operations.
It is an open service platform suitable for a variety of business scenarios, such as distribution mode, boutique mode, expert delivery mode, boutique mode, etc.
Supports the operation of mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms, such as Walmart, Amazon, Tiktok, eBay, etc.
Use Multiple Operating Modes
Dropshipping Without Supply
A novice can learn cross-border e-commerce and become a boss easily
No supply, low cost, little financial pressure
Distribution Model
Quickly produce products, change quality based on quantity, and issue orders quickly
No need for too many operational skills, find market preferences in the early stage
Premium Mode
Product selection research, product segmentation, optimization
Marketing activity promotion, comprehensive data analysis
Challenges for Sellers
Difficulty Choosing Cross-border Services
The cost of trial and error in selecting software tools/services is high
Waste of functions, paying for a set of software for one function
Multiple software systems, high learning costs
Supply Chain Integration is Difficult
Diverse end-user needs
Spend energy and time integrating and connecting the supply chain
High cost of inventory management, high financial pressure, and risk of slow sales
Difficult to Operate and Manage
There are many breakpoints across software systems and difficulty in transfer
Unable to form a closed loop of performance improvement
Statistics are difficult and lagging behind
Solution Core Value
Software and Business Integration
Integrate Supply Chain
Improve Performance
Integrate Microservices According to Scenarios
Combining business and software service capabilities to truly empower operations
Different from traditional ERP software, Maitu uses a very lightweight method to deconstruct complex functions and processes, provide independent services, and re-integrate them according to scenarios, so that these functions can be used independently or collaborate in operational scenarios, such as order management, Product listing, etc.
Open the cross-border microservices/applications required for ordering on demand, saving costs and greatly improving utilization.
Use Immediately
Why Choose HiMYTOOL
Unified management of multiple platforms and multiple stores
Basic Free
Provide basic cross-border e-commerce applications, order management/commodity management, etc.
Platform guaranteed transactions, safe and convenient
Save Costs
Order on demand to reduce wasted functionality
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